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Hello and welcome to Celebrate U.!

This is a university about our favorite topic: YOU!

The workshops, books, information and guidance are all focused on honoring the dignity of your human spirit. You'll find suggestions and pointers to assist in your personal growth and development—and a place to simply know we're glad you're on the earth at this time. We celebrate you and your contribution to the rest of us!

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Get out and Celebrate U

Please contact us for the current schedule.

Programs include:

  • Think Again! Course 1: Claim Who You Are
  • Think Again! Course 2: Determine What To Do
    With Who You Are
  • Networking: Making Contact, Being Memorable
  • Finding the Corporate On-Ramp:
    Your "Get-Ahead" Success Guide
  • Necessity is the Mother Tourista of Invention:
    Publishing Your Book

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CU on TV!

You can view Celebrate U. live every other Saturday at 11:30am Eastern time. 

On www.mnn.org, watch channel 2.

In Manhattan, view it on your TV, channels 56/83/34.

Explore CU's
Web-Wide Campus

The Gym: Professional life and business coaching services to help you get moving!

The Health Center: learn how to remove emotional blocks with tapping and access your full personal potential.

The Study Center: learn how tapping is used worldwide to relieve school-related stress and increase learning.

The Bookstore: Mother Tourista's Helping Hand(Book), a friendly guide to what you really need to know about New York City.

The Shop: Have your opinion—
and wear it, too!—with Act Better Than Common, our line of assertive accessories.